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Sorry for the delays, guys. I’m all moved into my new apartment now.  Huzzah! 😀 I have things, like, air conditioning that I can control and no squirrels eating my ceiling.  It is really amazing what you take for granted.

Chapter 1 will be winding down in the next week or so and then there will be a brief hiatus between chapter 1 and 2.  I appreciate all of your patience. 🙂 During the hiatus I will be trying to get a bit of a buffer going as well as going back and adding some tones to the pages of chapter 1.  They look sorta naked.

And then we’re gonna start our AD CAMPAIGN! YEAHHH! Maybe then I won’t be writing these blog posts to, like, 5 people.  But I love you, 5 people.  Truly.