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Hey guys!

As I do sometimes, we will be taking a break between Chapter 3 (which ends with today’s update) and the beginning of chapter 4.  We will resume updates next week on Thursday, September 4th.  After this break, there will not be another break for quite some time.

Why a break, you ask?  Well, first of all I’m tired! We’ve done two conventions this month and I’ve managed to mostly maintain my schedule.  Secondly, I have some related projects to the site that I need to get done.  There will be a new layout implemented soon.  Hopefully this weekend, but I am not making any promises.  Also, things like a proper archives page, cast page, etc will be going up.

Finally, as you may have noticed I got an art software upgrade that allows me to draw with thinner lines.  I’m still having some problems with working the kinks out of my process though.  I am working on reinking (and adding a few pages to) the first few chapters, in order to get them ready for print.  I will be working on these throughout this week to get my art process down pat.

Some exciting news that comes from the new art process will be that there will be more toning! I’m tired of the flat art and I know you are too, so I am looking to come up with a process to allow me to do more with grayscale to give the world depth.  This is going to be a big improvement on the overall quality of the art, so please bear with me this week while I get it all worked out.

I love you guys! I will see you next week, hopefully on a shiny new site.  If not a shiny new site, well, uh, with at least a new, hilarious chapter starting.

See you then! <3