If that lady that Cam is hallucinating doesn’t look familiar, re-read the end of chapter 4.

In other news,  there will be no update on Friday.  I’m sorry.  This week is kicking my ass royally.  I was actually so busy that I had to literally schedule in time over the weekend to grieve over my family’s dog that was put to sleep.  I got behind with a burlesque show that we had on Tuesday and compounded with the workload for my second job, I just couldn’t keep up.

I’m sorry guys!  This page is a late Wednesday early Friday update.  We’ll be on schedule to end this chapter next Friday and then there will be a one week break between chapters while I finish book  1 for print and get the next chapter ready to go.  I’ll be posting some character designs throughout that week.

Thanks for sticking with me.  There’s light at the end of my very hectic tunnel.