Reminder! 😀

Enter the Drifter: Journals of a Hero Contest
Hey guys!

So my buddy over at Drifter: Journals of a Hero is running a contest! You can see the snazzy banner up there.  It’s to help him raise funds to vend at Tokyo in Tulsa. . .where he’ll be stuck at a table all weekend with me.  Ha ha ha.  Ha ha ha.  Haaa. . .  Poor guy.

Any-the-who! Go check out his contest. 🙂 To sweeten the deal, I’m going to add a little something extra.  If you enter his contest and let me know, I’ll draw you an ACEO card for free! It can be of anyone you want, too! Your character, a TEC character, some character from a show you like. . . And it’s, like, a $10 value! Here’s an example of one that I drew a few weeks ago with a book order:


I will draw it and I will MAIL IT TO YOU.  In an ENVELOPE! That is so crazy! (Sorry guys, they put me on steroids for my bronchitis and it makes me hella hyper).  So if you’re a TEC reader and you help out my friend,  EVERYONE IS A WINNER! 😀