TEC will return Monday.  Sorry to miss an update.  I am not so sure about the direction of this scene and don’t want to commit to a half-formed idea.  I will post an update Sunday night like normal.  I’d just like to meet with the writing team first. Thanks. 🙂

After a month, I think I can finally say I’m well!  Well, mostly.  The doctor put me on some steroids last week to help open my airways and it did, but they also made me super-duper crazy for a few days.  Drawing the comic has been an interesting challenge because my normal self doubts seem to be amplified by, like, 50x.  I have a lot of nervous energy and it is all translating to me just being frustrated and spinning my wheels. No matter what I draw, I seem to think it’s just trash. It takes me a very long time to draw the comic.

My last dosage was today, so I’m hoping that the side effects will fade in a few days because they have made me pretty insufferable to be around.

Also, unfortunately due to the meds and being sick, I wasn’t able to finish the first issue of Kari Kidd for VisionCon.  It looks like I will have to push it back to Tokyo in Tulsa.  Sorry guys. 🙁  I pushed myself too hard and just kind of petered out.

Anyway, I’m just glad to not be so sick anymore.  That virus sucked.  And I’m excited for VisionCon next week! I hope that my local readers will come out and say hi.  We’ll be having our release party on Friday night for book 2 in the party hall on floor 4.  I’ve got a photo booth, karaoke, cake and several hundred vodka soaked cherries.  Should be fun!