Hi guys!

Wow, it feels weird updating today!  And so begins, now in earnest, our summer update schedule.

Occasionally, I will be posting double updates to help the story keep flowing. I wanted to do that tonight but ran out of time, so I should have a double update on Thursday.  My plan is to try to do one at least once a week, so the story is still moving at a mostly normal pace, but if I can’t make it I won’t.  So no promises.

Arkansas Anime Festival has come and gone and that will be my last appearance at that con for the foreseeable future due to some, ummm, circumstances.

Next up on the list is Tokyo in Tulsa! My favorite con!  This will also be my last con doing artist alley anytime soon! I’ll be clearancing off the TEC books and all of my merchandise, so be sure to come by and snag some deals.

What’s next for us?  Well, we have plans.  There’s a lot of changes happening.  We’ll still be a fixture at anime cons in 2016, but in a different capacity. 🙂  We’re looking at starting a shirt business and becoming full-fledged vendors.  Artist alley just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I’ve got shirt printing experience and have always wanted to do it, so we’re coming up with some preliminary design ideas and will be working on getting a store up and going for the spring 2016 con season.

What about TEC at cons?  Oh, well, I mean we’ll obviously still be there but I won’t be selling books for now.  Sales slowed a lot and it’s become a financial burden to keep them in stock.  We’ll still be there promoting and giving away free goodies though and as our reader-base grows, I’m sure we’ll find a way to reincorporate TEC stuff back into our business model.

Final bit of news. . . The motion comic is recording its first session June 13th!  We’re adding some extended scenes to the first three chapters.  Do you guys have any questions about the first storyline that need clearing up?  Any characters you’d like to see more development on?  I have a lot of ideas rolling around, but we’re looking to really flesh out a few aspects of the first few chapters.

Anyway, yes! See you Thursday when I have two pages ready! Woosh!