It is time for me to practice the ancient art of webcomic artist profusely apologizing for being a flake.  It’s a technique that has been handed down for generations.

I am sorry for being a flake.  LIFE IS DUMB YOU GUYS.  It seems to always get in the way.  Right before Tokyo in Tulsa, my husband lost his job.  It’s been. . . a pretty big source of stress for us.  Anyway, he’s working again.  HOORAY.  But he works a completely opposite schedule than me now. 🙁 I tried to get in as much time with him as possible last week.

Anyway, this week is sort of weird because I’m trying to figure out my sleep and comic schedule to best optimize our time together.  I’ll get it figured out.  I really wanted to have two pages today but. . . tonight was the first night of us being separated all night and I’m just feeling really sad.  I managed to get one done and another penciled, so I’ll shoot for two on Thursday.

Blah, you guys.  Blah.