I’m going to try to go back to three updates a week next week.  Wish me luck. Hah.  This year has been quite unkind to me.

Oh! I was on a podcast! If you wanna hear me talk about Sailor Moon and my old days as a fandub voice actress, check out this week’s Sailor Business!

Um, okay, so the final thing. . . I almost quit TEC tonight.  I actually turned on my web cam and started to record a video about how my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.  I stopped myself though.  It’s not that my heart isn’t in it, I guess. . . I’m just not the most selfless of artists.  I always envy people who tell stories for the “love” of it.  My love of storytelling comes from actually sharing the story with people, not the actual act of creating it.  Anyway, since my schedule has been stupid for months, my already dwindling reader-base is now basically nothing.

I’ve been pretty depressed about this for awhile  and really just stopped drawing almost all together.  I put a lot of work into the reader base that I had created thus far.  I’ve gone to countless conventions and spent a lot of money on ads and promotion.  The idea of doing it all over again, basically from scratch, was really daunting.  I didn’t think I was up to it.

I told myself when I started this incarnation of TEC that this is my last chance.  I either have to stick through it or I have to lay Bran, Yuki, Ava, Celeste and all of the rest of my beloved characters to rest.  So here we are. . .

I’m going to try really hard to pull myself up by my boostraps, get back to a regular update schedule and promote the shit out of this thing again.  I can do it.