I bet you didn’t expect to see ME back here, huh? Yeah, well, buddy, here I am. Older, tougher, hardened by the world.

No, not really.


My life has been absolutely crazy. I started a business and failed at it! I worked full-time and went to school full time to finally finish my degree (Yessss!) I imploded my career and moved to Japan. I then moved back from Japan! Through a lot of that time, I desperately wanted to draw, but I didn’t have a tablet. Now, I do!

Life is calm and quiet again. My husband is on the trek to law school, which means he’s rarely home. I have so much time to draw now. I’m excited! Let’s get this going!

So, update schedule-wise, I’m shooting for Monday / Wednesday.

I’m also working on the animated project that I told you guys about almost four year ago. Ha ha ha ha. Hahhhh…

Here’s a couple of clips of beta footage. We’re still ironing out the process.

The comic might go through a little re-brand here in the near future to match up with some of the stuff I’m doing with the animated project. We’ll talk more later. <3