A couple of announcements:

First of all, the next page, which is going up on the 20th is RATHER VIOLENT.  Like, cartoony violent.  But pretty gross, none-the-less.  As a squeamish person myself, I thought I would warn you guys.

Second, and this is the important one.  I’m going to be updating on Wednesday and Thursday only until the first week of March.

“But Kristy,” you might be thinking, “You said you were going to work on TEC more.  You said you were going to keep things moving.”

YES. Yes I am.  And here is how.

Gentle reader, if you are so inclined, check out http://www.tecanimation.com

“TEC Animation? The heck is that?” You’re probably wondering.

If you remember wayyyyyy back in last March (and I’ve mentioned it a couple of times since), I said I’m doing a TEC motion comic.  It’s turned into more of a TEC animation, hence the URL, and we’re getting close to the launch date for it.  There’s not much content on the site right now, but that’ll change fairly soon.  This is the pet project I’ve been working on for a long time.

Unfortunately, when I lowered my update schedule last summer, it was originally to work on this project. . .but family matters popped up the moment it began. (Literally.  We found out A.J.’s dad had cancer again at the auditions for this thing.)  We ended up really consumed with our personal lives for awhile.  But now that my father-in-law is cancer-free, my mom’s health is on the mend and convention season is approaching, it’s time to knock this project into gear.

So, yes, I am working on TEC on that update day.  It just isn’t the comic.

What does this mean for the comic?  Ahhh, that’s left to be determined.  I’m 100% certain we’ll finish this storyline.  I think the next storyline, whether it will be presented in animated form or as a comic, will depend on a lot of factors like my personal workload, fan interest, etc.  But rest assured, TEC isn’t going anywhere.  I’m just trying to reach a bigger audience.