Uh, HI.  Hi guys.  I’m not dead.  I’ve just been really busy.  My family offered to fund a screen printing business for me, so I’ve been working two jobs.  It’s going. . . well, not great, but we just started so hopefully it’ll all come together eventually?  I’ll be launching a shirt of the day format site on June 1st, so hooray.  Doing things.

I’ve finally had to admit to myself that I love TEC, but it can’t be my first priority anymore.  I’ve spent three years with this comic and while it’s been fun, it hasn’t really gone anywhere.  It’s time to relegate it to just a hobby and spend more time on endeavors that could be career-oriented, you know?

I’m still working on the motion comic. . .slowly.  I know I missed my deadline.  It FLEW BY.  Ha ha. . .ehh. . . But it is still happening.  I’m just being a bit more realistic about time tables.  I was able to dedicate my entire weekend to it for a long time, but now the hubby and I have weekends off together and I don’t see him much during the week so my work schedule is all kinds of messed up currently.

So what’s TEC’s new update schedule?  Uhh, once a week-ish.  Probably Friday nights into Saturday mornings.  It won’t be EVERY week because other projects take priority, but I want to keep the comic going. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed to catch updates when they happen.

And the motion comic?  Once I get the site launched for our shirt of the day site, I plan to get back to working on it in a limited capacity.  I’m not giving dates anymore.  It’s easier for everyone that way.

Also, sorry the art on this page is hella ugly.  My normal art program isn’t working with the new version of my tablet driver, so I had to use MediBang Pro.  It’s not a BAD program but I found it hard to ink like I’m used to, so I’m struggling with a bit of a learning curve.  I used this page to experiment, so some of the lineart is poopy.  It’ll get better, I’m sure.

See you next week?  Maybe?