Hi guys,

First of all, check out Demon Archives over at demonarchives.com if you want a great archive to dive in today’s TEC update absence!

Now, if you want the gory details of what I did, here’s how it happened.

Friday night, I was cutting some zucchini with a mandolin slicer.  I wasn’t really paying attention. I also was not using the finger guard, because I am a smart lady. Anyway, the zucchini got really short, as it does when you are cutting it, and SCHOOP.  I sliced the entire tippy-tip of skin off of the top of my middle finger.  Like, about a dime sized chunk.

There was a lot of crying and panicking and bleeding after that.  In fact, it bled pretty much all night.  We didn’t go to the ER because there wasn’t much to glue back on and I dunno. . . it seemed kind of silly.  It looks like a meat slice when I take my bandage off though.  Yuccckk. Just call me HAM FINGER.

Anywho, basically right now my middle finger is fairly heavily bandaged.  It doesn’t hurt too bad, but the bulk of the bandage makes drawing difficult.  I drew that little me up at the top of the page post-injury, so I’m hoping that I can draw at full steam here in a few days.  I just want to give it time to recover a bit.

So, yeah, 2015 has been a rough year for me so far!  Ha ha, but this time it was my own darn fault.  Oh well.

See you guys Wednesday with either an update or another featured webcomic. 🙂