Ew, look how gross my pencils are, guys.  They’re so gross.  I just barf lines everywhere and somehow interpret them into a comic.  It’s almost like I’m some kind of mystical fortune teller.

So, I made an honest to draw an update today.  Actual drawing is okay, but inking HURTS LIKE A somethin’-somethin’.  I thought instead of making you wait, you could check out my crazy messy pencils and see if you can decipher what is going on.  It’s fun for the whole family.

This page will be replaced with the finished page when it is done.  Most likely that will be Friday’s update.

Apologies from me and my jelly-meat-finger.  On the plus side, it’s kind of starting to resemble a finger again! I’ll bet I’ll be back in business by Friday’s update.

Edit: Added finished page 3/20! 🙂