This AMAZING fanart is brought to us by Aero Zero, whom I’m sure many of you might know from the beautiful, colorful and fantastically fun comic Kyria.  Recently, she started another comic called Men + Monsters (which is NSFW! TOTALLY NSFW) and while I’m not normally into, like, the boy love/yaoi genre, I am completely hooked on this comic.  It’s gorgeous, the characters are well-written and interesting, and the character designs are incredible.

Check out Aero Zero’s works below:

KYRIA – Saturday morning fantasy adventure! (SFW)
Men+Monsters – Stylish BL fantasy action! (NSFW)

Thank you for the magnificent fanart!
I’ll be back on Wednesday/Friday with those comic previews I promised.  See you guys then!
*drowns in a giant pile of work oh god*