Okay, so here is page one of Kari Kidd’s little side story.  I’ll post page 2 (and maybe 3, I haven’t decided!) on Friday.  Back in the olden RP days that TEC is based off, we would sometimes do RPs that took place in the future and mess around with the character’s kids.  We didn’t consider this universe to be canon, so we had fun pairing people off and making awful offspring.  Ha ha.  Anyway, in that continuity, Bran is a single dad and has two kids.  I decided to focus this one solely on his daughter, Kari and her best friend Nadia.

Similar to Bran’s adventures with Yuki, Kari and Nadia form a knight/magic user duo.  But since they’re a couple of young teenage girls, the type of trouble they get into is very different and more light-hearted. Kari is more like a magical girl almost, in that her armor can be summoned and activated via a pin that she carries with her (She’d wear it but it’s tacky). She is extremely fast, agile and can shoot energy blasts like her dad.

This comic will be something I’m doing in print only for now, but I might put it up online after convention season.  It is written for an all-ages audience instead of TEC which is PG-13.  It also doesn’t require any prior knowledge of TEC to read.

Here’s some more junk related to it. . .

Rough character sheet.  You may want to click it to attempt to read my TERRIBLE handwriting (gosh it’s even worse when I write with my tablet).

And here is some finished art of Kari that will eventually become the cover of the comic once I draw the logo and add a background and whatnot. It’ll be cropped so I was too lazy to draw legs.  Ha ha.

Normal TEC updates resume Monday~!