Annnnd here’s page 2. Spoiler Alert:  Nadia is a little shit.  Ha ha.

Sorry no page 3.  I haven’t had time to tone it because I’ve been too busy DROWNING IN MY OWN BOOGERS.  Can I just say that sinus infections are the worst?  I’ve been sick for two weeks straight and it keeps migrating around.  Minor cold then some kind of bronchitis/chest nonsense and now it’s up in my face.   Trying to look down at my tablet is the worst right now.

Anyway, that was a little preview of Kari Kidd Knight in Training.  It will be a mini-series that follows Kari and Nadia performing some questionable/illegal activities to try to get out of their suspension, but it ends up being a little more complicated than they planned.  So far I have three issues planned but I may spread it out a bit if it ends up being popular.  This one is written by me solo, so yeah! That’s fun!

Kari Kidd Knight in Training will be premiering at VisionCon.  You can pick it up from me at any con you see me at this year though! I’ll also put it in the TEC store soon.  And if you’re coming to VisionCon, you should also plan to come to the TEC book 2 premier party on Friday night! There’s gonna be cake!

TEC updates resume Monday!