Guys, I didn’t want to have to do this but I’m just going to have to listen to myself here.  I need to cut back more for a few more weeks.  Let’s just say that the deadlines I’m facing in October are. . .  well, nauseatingly overwhelming.  I’m not able to dedicate much time at all to the comic right now.

I will only be updating one day a week until after October 15th.  Updates will be on Thursdays. For the remainder of October, I will update two days per week.  Starting in November, I can finally go back to three or four days per week.  I will shoot for four, but I will not make any promises.  I didn’t expect October to be this crazy back in June, so who knows what November holds.

I appreciate the few of you that have stuck with me through this very stressful time.  I am sorry that it is really effecting my ability to work on the comic but, unfortunately, paying jobs and family both have to come first.

<3 See you Friday.