Hi guys,

UPDATE ON MAY 10TH: Guess who procrastinated and then spent all weekend sick with ulcer stomach aches? LOLOLOLOLOL IT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Tried to finish tonight but I’m falling asleep. Ummm the best way to find out if I update is to follow me on The Webcomic List, Comic Rocket, or other aggregate services or on Twitter. I WILL SUCCEED. TOMORROW.

Hahahahaha, you guys need to stop being so nice to me about this. Send me some flaaaames. The flames motivate me when artistic drive wanes.


Like many of you, I’ve been struggling to figure out my new normal since all of this happened. Focusing on art is so difficult when it feels like the world is burning.

Fortunately, I guess, my office has resumed operations and I’ve been called back into work. Even though that puts me at slightly more risk for COVID (though we are taking very good precautions), the structure and return to normalcy has really really helped my headspace.

Anyway, I’m almost done with this update. I’m still adjusting to sleeping like a human again, so I’m gonna be gentle with myself this week and post it by May 9th.

This is a fight scene, so I’m gonna do a few short updates to get through it. Whatever, it’s chaos over here! Hahaha.

Thanks for sticking with me, all 5 of you. <3 We're all healthy here. I hope you guys are too.