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Ahh! It’s a new thing that we’re doing!

I’m going to start featuring a new webcomic every Monday. First up is an indie manga called…

Remote Angel revolves around a girl named Alice who is having some haunting dreams. The next thing she knows, those dreams come true and she is fighting alongside heaven with Hell!

There are a lot of comics, mine included, that are manga inspired but don’t keep true to the manga feel. Remote Angel keeps the paneling, art style, and pacing of the magical girl manga that I grew up with. A new page is posted every week and the comic itself is black and white with screentones.

Remote Angel is just beginning chapter 6, so the story is still kicking off. It’s a good time to jump on that train.

Also! Remote Angel just finished a successful Kickstarter for the first edition of the book, so if you like what you read then you should support an indie artist and snag a copy.

Would you like for me to feature your comic and include you as an affiliate on our site? Shoot me an email at kristy@teccomic.com.