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It’s Monday! (No it isn’t, I’m updating early. Hello from the paaaaast~)

It’s time to feature another webcomic. Today’s is a comic that is just getting started! It’s called:

Crystal Ball tells the story of Thalissa, who just wants to get back to her faraway home. She’s been trying to earn money and lucks out when she finds a necklace in the sand. This necklace isn’t just any ordinary piece of jewelry though, it’s the heart of a magician!

This comic is in full-color and has a manga-style feel to it with both the paneling and the art style. Check it out and let us know what you think!

We will have one more feature this week! Christmas Day I will be featuring two comics that I gave and received art from during the Webcomic Secret Santa.

Want me to feature your webcomic? Email me at kristy@teccomic.com!