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Sometimes you just want sit down and light things on fire. Have you ever wished that when you embrace your pyromaniac tendencies you were rewarded with MONEY?!?! Well, have I got a toy for you! My Little Inferno!


Fair Warning: This is not a long game. In fact, it’s more of Toy Experience than a traditional Game. I beat it in just over 3 hours. This isn’t a game that will suck days from your life, this is something you can enjoy in an evening or a day off.


In Little Inferno, you are given what would best be described as a personal fireplace. As someone who is mostly stuck in a drab apartment staring at a monitor, this was actually surreal and (pardon the pun) heart-warming. You proceed to burn objects, each one burning in a unique way. The game part kicks in when you start burning multiple objects together. Combining objects earns you combos and changes the way things burn. There are 99 combos to figure out. Each time you achieve a combo, you earn cash to buy more objects to burn and get closer to unlocking another catalog to buy more stuff.

I sat down and played this with Kristy actually. I’m not great at puzzles and matching myself, but with a little back-seat gaming from the couch we made it through. I figured we’d just laugh a bit at the fun interactions between different object, but we both got sucked in, surprisingly by the story. At first it seems like a simple matching game, but you won’t be able to stop until it’s complete. The few other characters you meet are very engaging, but my favorite is The Weather Man.

Do you have a dollar? Most likely. Is this game worth a dollar? Definitely.

For the next four days, this game will be a dollar at https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly  You also get 3 other games for that dollar. Although, I’d recommend buying this HumbleWeekly Sale at $6, because at $6 you get Hotline Miami. I’ll be reviewing Hotline Miami before Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number comes out later this year, and I will say that from the small amount of time I’ve spent with it: play it so you know what you’re gamer buddies are talking about in 2014.