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Goat Simulator.. Yep, that’s what I said… GOAT SIMULATOR.

Go buy it… I’ll wait… not convinced by that title? Well, let me tell you what you’ll experience, so you can make an slightly better informed decision.

This game has a HUD and display very similar to the Tony Hawk games, which makes since you’re dealing with a physics based game that wants you to do flips, throw objects across the map, pop the game into slow-mo and ragdoll all over the place.

You can jump from trampoline to trampoline getting dazzling heights, do a 1080 front-flip, bounce back up and land on top of a hang-glider and fly around the entire map. There are some secrets and challenges which I won’t spoil, but make sure to find the baseball cage, because shooting infinite baseballs from your back is quite entertaining.

This is genuinely the most fun goat experience I’ve had. Bear in mind, this is the premier goat simulator. Nothing else even comes close… and this game is about custom maps and challenges, so there is so much more to come.

Ever looked at what people do in Minecraft or Garry’s Mod and decide not to pick up the game because you are so far behind the curve? Well, this game is currently on Early Access. You can be the one to make the best new mini-game. You might mess around in the level editor and make what ends up being the new Minecraft: Hunger Games or Garry’s Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town. This is actually what the developer (Coffee Stain Studios) is counting on. You can even submit your levels for others to try, and the best of the best will be shown at E3 2014! If you’re an aspiring game developer or just want to be internet famous, get on and make some levels!

Overall, I’d say the joy I had kicking over a fully set dinner table and watching fruit fly EVERYWHERE is worth the 9.99 price of admission, but the replayability of a user-created content game is UNLIMITED. Pick it up and build the gameplay that you want to experience or just enjoy the levels other make and try to get the top score!

Goat Simulator officially comes out on April 1st.  You can find more information at http://www.goat-simulator.com