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Hey guys!

Check it out! It’s the cover art for book 2!


So there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. We’re doing convention season differently this year, but that’ll be the topic of another post. Most importantly, we’re getting book 2 ready to go to the printer. I’m sure you’re like, but Kristy, why didn’t I see a notification for a Kickstarter?

I’d rather be broke than run one of those again. Too much stress. So I decided to self-fund my book run for book 2. This means that books will be somewhat limited for the time being. If you’d like a copy, I’d highly recommend you consider pre-ordering.

Pre-order? YES! PRE-ORDERS ARE NOOOOW OPEN! We will be accepting pre-orders until January 10th.

So, in other news about the book release, our official release party will be held at VisionCon in Branson, MO on Saturday, February 21st. This will be a free, all-ages, non-alcoholic party and we encourage any of our readers in the area to please stop by and say hi. I will be a guest artist during the convention, so if you want to pick up your copy of book 2 from me, I will be in the “talent” room, not in the vendor’s hall this time around.

Okay, last bit of news. . .I participated in the Webcomic Secret Santa again this year. We received this rad art from C. Glen Williams over at FPK!


Okay, that’s all I have. Until next time!