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It’s been an exciting weekend here at TEC!  First of all, I’d like to thank Delta-V for featuring us over at Demon Archives on his Why I Read column.  Check out his very kind feature of TEC here.

Next, check out this AWESOME fanart of Kali by Aimee, author and artist of Zodiac. This picture, seriously, it blew my mind.  Go check out her work!



Now then, pre-orders for TEC vol 2 will be open until Friday. All pre-orders will receive a small poster of the cover and their books will be signed as well, so isn’t that neat?

I know you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the benefit of buying TEC vol 2 in print? Well, besides helping out the artist and writers, you get a lot of neat extra content. For this book, we’ve whipped up some silly extra comics that answer reader questions, as well as a character map, a “previously on TEC” set of silly comic strips and more. Here’s a preview of one of the reader question comics:


Truly, it is the classy humor you have come to expect from us. Click here to pre-order!