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About TEC: The Echo Chronicles Comic

TEC: The Echo Chronicles follows Bran Kidd and his group of modern-day dysfunctional knights as they try to save the city of New Mercy. Unfortunately, the only thing that New Mercy needs saving from is them. Throw a mysterious healer with an agenda into the mix and things. . . well, they don’t always go well.

How did it all get started?

TEC: The Echo Chronicles originated in the late 90’s, back when AOL was a thing.   It was an RP circle that had several members come and go, but the core being Brandon S., Kristy M., Stephanie Z., and Alicia M.  Each member of the group contributed to the story with interesting characters and plots that lead to a whole lot of sleep deprivation.  Though the RPing itself haulted years ago, there have been several attempts to do something with all of that material that was produced.  Unfortunately, life has always gotten in the way before the project got off the ground.

This particular incarnation of TEC is based loosely on the RPs, but is mostly Kristy’s reimagining of the stories.  Other materials from the TEC universe may eventually be produced and hosted on this site, however, they will follow a different cannon to the comic.

About the Artist

Kristy's sad self portrait.  She plays too much laser tag.I sat down and tried to write this business in 3rd person, but it always sounds so hokey.  So, hi.  I’m Kristy.  I’m the artist and head writer on TEC: The Echo Chronicles.  However, taking all of the credit would be super crappy of me.  TEC is a collaboration between a lot of different people, who I will highlight in their own sections.  This is MY section.  So let’s do this.

Once again, I’m Kristy.  I’m from Springfield, MO, a current student of the graphic design department at Missouri State University and am approaching 30 at a terrifying rate. I currently live in a cute little apartment with my equally cute boyfriend, our TV, and a large collection of stuffed seals.

Besides writing and drawing, I run a convention business called Geeky Shrinky, that specializes in resin coated charms.  Click the link and check it out! I also love roller-skating, cartoons, 90’s anime, roller-coasters, and have an unhealthy obsession with laser tag.

In fact, if you ever see me at a convention, hit me up for some laser tag.  That’s normally where I am on a Friday night!  We go out of our way to find fun arenas when we’re on the road.

About the Crew

TEC: The Echo Chronicles has the most AMAZING support crew.  Let’s talk about these awesome guys!

Assistant Writer: Robert Dawson

Robert is the second in command when it comes to writing this crazy comic.  He helps me keep my tendency to be the “Queen of Angst” in check, as well as helps me dig out of plot holes and take things in new, interesting directions.  He has been an awesome resource through this whole process and I couldn’t have gotten things off the ground without him. You will often find Robert being my right-hand man at conventions.

Robert also plays a mean game of laser tag. Just sayin’.

Assistant Writer: Phillip George

Phil joined the TEC team at the beginning of Chapter 5. He keeps Robert and I in check and is great at making sure we keep continuity in mind. Robert and I are both excited to have him on the team!

Fiance/Joke Guy/Sometimes Writer: A.J. Sharer

A.J. is new to the TEC universe and gives me a fresh perspective when I get writer’s block.   He also deals with the fact that I spend 20 hours a week drawing a comic that is a money pit with a surprising amount of optimism.  He’s a keeper.

Leader of TEC:  Brandon S.

So, Brandon (or Bran, seriously, I call him Bran) has to have credit on this page even though we aren’t actively collaborating.  Without Bran, this entire world wouldn’t exist!  I appreciate that he is letting me mess with his creative property and hasn’t yelled at me for mucking it all up yet.  Ha ha.  Seriously, though,  thanks dude!