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Hi guys!

I just got back from VisionCon this evening.  It was our first convention with the BRAND NEW TEC BOOK! I’d say that, given some kind of crappy circumstances, we did pretty well!

We’re heading out to Arkansas Anime Festival in two weeks, so look for us there if you’re attending.  After that, the schedule is looking like  we’ll be at Anime Central (Chicago, IL); Tokyo in Tulsa (Tulsa, OK); RubleCon (Springfield, MO); G.A.M.E. (Springfield, MO); and I’m considering IzumiCon, but we’ll see!

I’m running behind on the comic.  The work from my second job piled up while I was without reliable internet for three days.  I will try to get a comic up Monday, but I’m not making any promises.

In the next few weeks I’m going to work on a site revamp as we are going to be launching our web store.  It’ll be time to update character profiles, maybe give the stylesheets a face lift, you know, the usual?  So yeah!

I didn’t take many pictures at the convention because I spent it either working or in a drunken stupor (ahh, that’s what VisionCon is famous for), but I did want to share one pretty rad thing!

BhmCB8FCUAAaPGUI had a Bran (chapter 2 version, I think?) and a Belle come by! Which was, uh, weird.  Awesome, but weird.  Not something I’ve ever experienced before so it was definitely an exciting/startling thing.  So thanks guys! Sorry I murdered your favorite character and shoved her in a fridge. 😀