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Guys! Guys guys guys!

We are kickstarting this thing to the MOON. We have three weeks to raise $500 to help me with the printing costs of book 1. There are some awesome rewards including an autographed summer sausage, a dozen cookies made awkwardly by myself and the writers, sketch commissions, a 10-page minicomic drawn by me about whatever you choose, or how about the CHANCE TO BE A SECONDARY CHARACTER IN THE COMIC! (Or! Make your enemy a secondary character and I will passive-aggressively torment them.)

This kickstarter is our last step to getting this book going. I’d be so grateful if you’d consider donating. Every dollar helps!

The book will be completely in color, just like chapters 4 and 5. We are in the process of reinking and even redrawing large portions of the material. It will be beautiful!

Help us make it happen. You guys are the best.