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In case you don’t want to hear me blather on, here’s the jist of what is happening!

Year 3 is the YEAR of TEC.  After a somewhat stagnant year last year, we are trying to get back into the full swing of things.  This year will see the following things:

  • A motion comic is in production for the first 9 chapters of TEC.  Episodes will begin being posted in September.
  • An animated short is currently being storyboarded.  We are planning to record in June and release by September or October.
  • A.J. and I are launching a YouTube channel for this and other related media, as well as some podcasts and other goodies.  Look for that in the next six weeks or so!
  • Site enhancements including mobile usability, integration with our YouTube content and improved cast/about pages.

Now, here’s the down side. . . 🙁

  • Due to circumstances beyond my control, our convention appearances will be severely limited this year.  But I will still be at Tokyo in Tulsa!
  • In order to make time to work on the motion comic/animation, I will be reducing the update schedule to two times per week – Tues & Thurs – from June until September.

That’s basically the summary of the video.  Thank you guys so much for reading and sticking with us.  It means the world to me. 🙂