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Hi everyone!

I suck and keep forgetting to post this AWESOME piece of fanart from Emily over at Blitz Phoenix.

Seriously, this sketch is amazing.

Why yes, that is Bran riding into battle on a puppy. How’d you notice?

Now, how did I get this rad piece of art? I backed her Patreon campaign for Blitz Phoenix. So go check out her swell comic and back it if you want! You could get a sweet sketch too!

Onto other business…

Anime Central in Chicago, IL is coming up in a few short weeks. I’ll be attending ACen with A.J., our video game blogger (and my fiance! What a lucky dude!) and Robert, one of the co-writers of the comic. We’re in the Artist Alley, booth A024. Come and see us! Map will be posted closer to the convention. I will have pins, prints, and of course TEC books for sale.

That’s all for now!