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TEC IS BACK TO ITS NORMAL SCHEDULE.  Sorry for the delay on Monday’s update.  My computer crashed while I was finishing the inks and I had to rage quit.


It was so wonderful to meet all of you at Tokyo in Tulsa! I hope you enjoyed the bracelets that we handed out.  If you’re here because of one of those or a mini-comic, shoot me a comment! I’d love to hear from you.  We’ll be at a lot of regional conventions next year and we always love feedback from our readers and convention attendees.  Plus, there could be some cool, exclusive swag in it for you!

Now then, Tokyo in Tulsa was an interesting weekend.  I had a lot of life experiences.  Robert (our lovely co-writer) and I went with a few friends and got lost, I got briefly trapped in an elevator, we got a flat tire, and stuff was stolen from our booth on Saturday night.  It was a rough, rough weekend.

But, I want to say that YOU GUYS, the convention goers, definitely brightened my spirits.  I loved meeting all of you guys and talking with you.  It was great.

I’d like to talk a minute about the kindness of strangers and how little acts can change someone’s day in a BIG way.  As I said above, I had a pretty rough weekend.  Now, there was a gentleman that came by our booth with this RAD sketchbook.  It had drawings from so many different artists, going back around 10 years.  He asked for me to draw in it and I did, gladly.  Later, he dropped some fanart off at my table.


Fanart from Tokyo In TulsaThis is the fanart!  Thank you so much, dude! Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name and wasn’t able to thank him or get his contact info.  I totally dropped the ball on this.  So I wanted to publicly thank him not only for the art, but for brightening a rather cruddy day for me.  You have no idea how much this cheered me up!

So, if you end up coming to the site, shoot me a message at kristy@teccomic.com.  I’d like to send you a signed copy of our book when it comes out in January.  Just a random act of kindness back. 🙂  I’d also like to credit you when I stick this in the fanart section, so I hope you see this!

Our next convention will be G.A.M.E. (http://springfieldgame.com), the weekend of October 11th in Springfield, MO.  Stop by and say hi!