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Tokyo in Tulsa was AMAZING, you guys.  It was an awesome ending to my 2014 major con season before I hiatus for my wedding.

I want to thank everyone who came by our booth, who helped us achieve our highest art sales at a con to date, who came up and told us that they are TEC readers and to those who picked up the book to try us out for the first time.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Also, thank you to the awesome people who recognized my booth partner Shadow and I in cosplay as Belle and Reba!  You make recognize Shadow from VisionCon, where she surprised me by cosplaying as Belle for the TEC book premier.  Anyway, this was all so amazing!  I got recognized several times and I was just completely floored.  You all make my heart flutter.

Photos will come…  soon, I hope?  Gotta get them from other people, since Shadow and I were running around like mad ladies all weekend.

But here’s a selfie, at least.


Thanks for a wonderful weekend, guys.  No comic Sunday night.  I am completely and totally exhausted.  I’ll be back up and running for Tuesday night/Wednesday’s update.