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You guys . . . You’re amazing!  We hit our Kickstarter goal with 10 days to spare!  I’m writing this a little late, so we’re really at like 6 days left now.


Follow the link to see a really awkward celebration video!  The Kickstarter at 100% is a huge help but does not cover all of the printing costs.  If you still want to pre-order book 1, I would really appreciate any and all pledges.

In other news. . .

TEC will be updating late on Wednesday, January 15th.  I got a little behind on my second job and between that and a burlesque show that I was in on Tuesday night, I could not finish the comic in a timely manner.  I’m sorry.  This page is important and I’d rather not rush it.  I will update the site with the new page on Wednesday evening.